Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ten on Tuesday

This week, at 10 on Tuesday, we were asked to list 10 Nice Things people have done for you. I have lead such an interesting and blessed life, it's hard to narrow down. No particular order either. Just how they popped into my head......

1.) My sissy, Candice, painted my fingernails when I was in ReHab after breaking my neck. At night, when I got lonely, I looked at my fingernails and felt so much better.
2.) When I got my hair cut once, "The Hubby" said it looked great. It didn't, but he was so nice and understanding. He made me feel pretty despite the fact that I got scalped!
3.) My Daddy takes me out to lunch once a week. It doesn't matter where we go or what we have, it's ALWAYS a highlight of my week.
4.) I have a Girl's Day Out with my mom & sissy each week. Since Candice isn't working this summer, we get together, have lunch and "goof off" once a week. FUN!
5.) My friend Cindy sent me a "care package". It was totally out of the blue and was stuffed with things I like!
6.) My mother-in-law told my own mom what a wonderful person I am. We were sitting under the trees in her side yard. I felt proud as a peacock!
7.) My friend, Monica, has done so much for me through the years. Having her hold me when I walk so I won't fall, now, is the most recent. AND those shortbread cookies! :D
8.) Visitors to my blog always leave sweet comments. No matter how I'm feeling or what I'm ranting about, they always seem to lend me support.
9.) My grandmomma has given me family heirlooms. These "little things" mean so much to me because they tell the story of our family. I cherish all my "goodies".
10.) Mike does nice things for me everyday. There seems to be no end to his "sweetness". I'm so blessed to have him in my life. "Love My Hunny!"
I am so blessed. I may not deserve it, but I'm so happy to have all that I do! Thank you, so much, Father!


Debs said...

How great to have so many people doing nice things for you. :)

Great post!

pjd said...

I've often heard (usually in a business setting) the metaphor of grinding something down one drop at a time (do one little thing at a time and eventually you will have accomplished something huge... little drops of water can eventually create the Grand Canyon). But I rarely hear the equally appropriate metaphor of building a mountain one grain at a time. It sounds like you've got a mountain of grains--lots of people doing little things that when added up make a huge difference.

Happy Tuesday!

Library Girl said...

What a beautiful list! You are right - you are so blessed. Happy 10 on Tuesday. I hope it's a great day!

Patois said...

Definitely blessed. Such a wonderful list. I'm so happy to be reading about such kindness this morning!