Friday, July 20, 2007

The "MUTE" Boo

Well, I've lost my voice. I am sure "The Hubby" is glad I can't whine anymore!

I thought I was getting better.

Apparently, I'm not!

Last night I took a commenter's advice and made a "hot toddy". It consisted of about 2 cups of water, a lemon, 2 TBS. of honey and some "Jim Beam" whiskey. I boiled the lemon, cut in half, for about 5 minutes. I then added the honey. It dissolved well. Then, I poured this into a mug about 3/4 full and finished filling up the mug with whiskey. I did this twice! I got rather "tipsy", duh.... It really didn't seem to help though. I'm still coughing, though not at much, still sniffling and now my voice is gone.

Should I try the "Toddy" again tonight, or just "wait it out"?

I'm so "Sick" of being sick!


Melanie said...

Hope you're feeling better! Get lots of rest this weekend.