Monday, July 09, 2007

What is your most despised household chore? I hate dusting with a passion. It seems so futile. I dust in the morning and by that afternoon, you can't even tell! ugghhh!

Pick out the most important item in your wallet/purse and tell why it's important to you. My wallet. It contains insurance cards, my I.D. and most importantly pictures of my loved ones.

What was your first car? What was your favorite car when you were young? My first car was a dark grey 1989 Ford Escort named Fresno. Then, my fiance (now, "The Hubby") bought me a white 1969 VW Beetle named Buggy. It's STILL my fav!


Casey's Mom said...

I agree, dusts are just unforgivable. Closing the doors and windows don't even help.

Thanks for stopping by!

Vexxxy said...

Blah... dusting. That's a horrible chore to. Seems pointless.
Happy MM

Vexxxy said...



Fleur de Lisa said...

Oooh, a VW Bug! How cool! I hope you still have it. :-)

Have a great week and thanks for playing.

Kwizgiver said...

I'm a bug fan, too! :-)
Happy Manic Monday!!

Retta said...

Bugs are awesome! :)

Ugh dusting, I hadn't really thought about that one. Dishes was my most hated.