Thursday, July 26, 2007

3 x Thursday : 07/16/y2k+7

Work Stuff

1. What is your work ethic hours-wise? Do you think you should be able to put in your 40 hours and go home, or is working 60 hours a week okay to you? Why/why not? (I am a stay-at-home wife, so I'll answer based on "The Hubby"'s work) I believe 40 hours a week is ample work-time. A "few" over-time hours are okay, but one shouldn't be taken advantage of! Rest is REQUIRED and DESERVED after "putting in" a work day.

2. Do you believe that work is life or vice versa? Why/why not? Work is a necessary evil of life. To obtain money, normal folk have to work and "earn" money. Unless someone is independently wealthy, this is something that MUST be done. Life is more than your job, I believe!

3. Do you plan to stay in your current line of work forever? Why/why not? I want to be a wife and mother FOREVER! I would like to work and help "The Hubby" financially, but, I am afraid I will never be able to do so with my limitations.


Bri said...

Hey! Phillip Pullman wrote The Golden Compass - if you want a plot summary with no spoilers - check out Amazon. GC is part of a trilogy called "His Dark Materials." They're really amazing books.

The other great thing about the notebooks idea is that when you get one that has been collaged and written in - it will give you great ideas for the writing.

I also agree that 40 hrs a week is plenty and that life (at least to me) is about the quiet moments when you get to enjoy the fruits of you labor. :)

Melanie said...

Ahhhh so true. Whether we like it or not the way of life is that we have to work in order to pay our bills! For me, I love my job of stay-at-home-mom. For my hubby I like it when he only works 40 hours a week- more time at home with us!

I read in one of your posts the other day that you had broken your neck. I'm assuming that is why you have limitations that keep you from working. I'm so sorry you have had to go through such a terrible thing.