Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Alabama National Fair 2006

Mike and I went to the Alabama National Fair yesterday (he got Columbus Day off, because a State employee...YIPEEE!)

We got to the fair around 12:30...LUNCHTIME!!! I had a slice of cheese pizza and my sweet boo had an Italian Sausage dog. Yummy!

We walked around the coliseum and saw the art, flower and photography shows. Then we made our way to the "Creative Living" barn and checked out the exhibits....(MY FAVORITE PART OF THE FAIR!!) They even had a scrapbooking page exhibit, which I'm entering next year.

We saw two boars fighting in the pig barn. We saw HUGE milk cows and the heifers with the pretty eyes. <---so sweet!

After walking the midway, we attended the circus. We enjoyed it, even though it was 900 degrees under the big top.

We then stopped to get Mike a foot long corndog and a funnel cake for me. We bumped into Gea-Mom & Bob. An unexpected, pleasant surprise.

Gea-Mom got a Polish dog w/o the weiner (sound like me?) Bob got a polish dog without the peppers and onions. They're two of a kind and I Love 'Em!

After chowing down, we made our way home and chilled.

I want to enter a ton of stuff next year to see if I can earn some ribbons....EXCITING!!!