Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Sister's Day Goodies

Candice braved my virus (I'll fill you in later) and came by our house Saturday afternoon to celebrate Sister's Day (August 5).

She gave me these beauti"mos" pearls . (I don't have any pearls, but I do now. Thanks, Imos!)

I gave her a framed copy of our picture above. I also gave her a "Willow Tree" set of two sisters facing one another, holding hands. It was perfect! One had short hair like me and the other one had long hair, just like her! It's like they were made just for us.

Imos and I have always been so close. I know it sounds cliche, but she's my best friend. I told Momma and Daddy "to get me a sister for Christmas" and the Christmas of my 4th year, they happily obliged. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Gea-Mom & Bob!

She's the BEST Christmas present, I've ever received, or ever will, for that matter.

I Love My Candice!!!!!!!!!!!