Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Well, I went to the interview yesterday yesterday at Tutweiler prison. It was for an administrative position for which I'm well-qualified. A lieutenant took me on a tour before my interview.

There was no a/c, the restrooms were awful and I had to surrender my purse and jewelry. (Even my bridal set!) It was not a pleasant tour. I saw several inmates and it broke my heart. They all looked so despondent. I wish I could make it better for them.

I mean, I know they're convicted criminals, but they're still human beings. Three women to one bunk bed, no a/c and the guards talking down to them. It made me so upset. I sat in my car and cried after my interview. They are given medical treatment, food, clothing (such as it is) and shelter. But, after reading the rules in the foyer, I realized how awful it could be. Visitors are allowed 1 hug and 1 kiss upon greeting and leaving inmates. Affection, even for children, is discouraged. Everything, including snacks and gifts, are searched and sometimes seized. It broke my heart.

I will not be working there. (3rd shift: 10 pm to 6 am) I'm going to start writing a penpal there; I feel I must!

At any rate, it was an experience I am glad I had, even if it made me uncomfortable.