Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Mike & I hung out with Monica & Brian this weekend. We had a blast!

Saturday evening, we went to China Buffet on Vaughn road and had dinner. Mony told me to be careful of the wasabi I was eating on my springroll. It tickled my nose, but I was cool. (Not really, but don't tell her.) Much conversation was exchanged and good eats were consumed. Yum!

Sunday, late morning, we loaded up in the Pontiac and headed for Fort Deposit.

We attended the 35th annual Calico Fort, sadly without Cindar :(

We walked, talked and stalked the arts and crafts vendors. Mony got some beautiful blue & red square earrings, some dipping spices, and a wind spinner. (They were all beautimous)

Jen got a boo boo bunny, a dip spice packet and Mike purchased a fish dinner bell for Gea-Mom & Bob.

Brian ate a yummy hotdog. (At least it sure looked yummy) Mony had some chili cheese nachos and Mike & Jen shared a Coke(r) (They're dieting............uhhhhhh!)

After scoping Calico, the happy troop headed to Priester's Pecans right off the exit ramp. After Mony finally found the entrance (heehee) we made our way down the awesome hill. Brian had never been and the rest of us hadn't been there in a while. After sampling goodies to our hearts content, we made our way back home.

It was such a good time and we will DEFINITELY do it again next year. It was so much fun being with the Ronish duo!!