Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Where were you? #02

"Second edition of my new game, and I would like to start by thanking everybody who played last week. That was great! I received some responses in the lines of "I dunno, I hadn't even been born yet", so I will make sure that doesn't happen today!
As I said last week, you don't necessarily need to remember what were you doing on that same day, but at least what were you doing during that time. You can either comment on this post, or link to your own!

Now, without further ado, where were you..."

1) ...When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans (29/Aug/2005 - 30/Aug/2005):
I was living at Stratford Apartments in Montgomery, AL. I remember watching the weather channel and going online to read about the destruction. We had power and thank God the air conditioner was going strong! (I HATE being hot!)
This was after I broke my neck, so I wasn't working at a public job then. "The Hubby" took half a day off on the 29th and the entire day off the 30th. It was scary and saddening, knowing all the horrors people were going through and not being able to do anything about it.
2) ...When most of the world celebrated thinking that a new Millennium had started (and then waited a whole year for that to effectively happen) (01/Jan/2000):
We, (the hubby (who was only my fiance at the time) and I) went to my best girlfriend's home and celebrated the "New Millennium" with them. (And a couple dozen of our closest pallies.)
It was so much fun being with our pals during this "important" time. We grilled out earlier, had snacks and drinks, played games and watched the fireworks in the back yard. It was a cool, fun time.
We also called loved ones wishing them a happy, healthy new millennium.
3) ...When Seinfeld aired its final episode (which, by the way, was the same day Frank Sinatra died) (14/May/1998):
I was in college, in Anatomy and American Literature class to be exact.
I hadn't met my hubby at this time.
I remember thinking how much I loved Seinfeld and was going to miss it. I was a devoted fan. I watched the last episode that night and was a little bummed.
*I didn't know this was the day Frank passed away!*
THANKS GABRIEL! I enjoyed your fun meme today! See ya next week!
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