Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Two fruits and/or vegetables that you identify with fall: Pumpkins and harvest corn

Two colors that you identify with fall: ORANGE and BROWN/TAN

Two events that you identify with fall: Halloween and our birthdays (me=10/24 "The Hubby"=11/2) (watch...out baby will be born in the summer!)

Two adjective that describe fall: Cool and pleasant

Two favorite things/activities that you identify with fall: Trick or Treating and football!


Debs said...

Both my kids were born in July.

It would be funny if you had a baby born in the Summer. I have some baby stuff I could make that is cute for Summer. :D

I forgot all about Harvest Corn for Fall!! I am so ready for some Fall weather here.

Angelika said...

I had the same colors for fall, LOL.

Tere said...

I'd love to experience trick or treating... happy TT!