Friday, October 05, 2007

Friday Fifteen for 10/5/07

Fifteen Facts About Miss Cleo Ann, our baby:

1. She is classified as a "tortoise shell" calico.

2. She loves lying in a cardboard box.

3. She has on white socks and gloves.

4. She prefers to be combed, not brushed.

5. She likes artificial bacon. (I'm a vegetarian!)

6. She likes to play with string and rolled up balls of aluminum foil.

7. She enjoys watching birds through the patio doors.

8. She prefers moist food to dry food.

9. She DOES NOT like other kitties.

10. She likes to eat grass.

11. She enjoys sitting in the swing while Mommy reads beside her.

12. She ALWAYS meets Mommy and/or Daddy at the front door when they get home.

13. She loves being outside, as long as it's not raining!

14. She sleeps at the foot of Mommy & Daddy's bed on Mommy's hope chest.

15. She has an unusual purr.

Such a sweet kitty.

Our Baby: Miss Cleo Ann Bowen


Debs said...

She is so cute! Look at her pose.

JennieBoo said...

Thank you, Debs. I've always thought so.....

Frances said...

I hope Miss Cleo Ann will do a blog post for the group site :)
Sognatrice Stella will be featured for the coming week - Cleo could be next.
Email me.

sognatrice said...

What a cutie!

Hey are you doing NaBloPoMo or what? You already post every day anyway right? Come join the fun!