Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Ten on Tuesday ~9/3/07~

10 Things You'd Save in a Fire
1. Any loved ones. (family, friends, CLEO, etc.)
2. My marriage certificates. (I have one in our "Fire box" but the other two are framed and I love them! My mother did the calligraphy on one of them.)
3. Our wedding album. (Also are engagement portrait.)
4. My parent's wedding pics. (AND the pics I have of their vow renewal.)
5. My sister's wedding albums. (I have the CD of her pics in the "fire box", too, but I like the albums they're in!)
6. The pics I have of "The Hubby's" family. Especially his dad. He passed away in March.
7. My jewelry box. Let's face it, I'm a girl and my "sparklies" mean lots to me!
8. The dishes that belonged to my great-grandmother and the hammer that belonged to "The Hubby's" grandmother. (Menial objects that our family used everyday!)
9. The DVD of my wedding. (I also have a copy of it in the "fire box".)
10. My digital camera. I love it!
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ellen b said...

Whoa I didn't even think of my Marriage cert. (I wonder where it is?) Enjoyed your list...

Patois said...

What a great list. I've got the marriage certificates in our fireproof safe, which is coming with me because, really, is this the right time to make sure it's fireproof?

m.o.M. said...

I love the hammer!

Laane said...

Hmm... makes me wonder why I haven't thought about the chairman hammer.