Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tina's Tuesdays ~ 8/14/07

Photographer Within

What kind of camera do you own? I have a digital Panasonic DMC-F27 with a Lumix 12X optical zoom lens. I got it for my birthday from "The Hubby" last year. He got it online at a great price!

What do you take pictures of? Anything! Family/friends, animals, scenery, nature, food, clothes, myself, just about anything that is still long enough for me to "shoot".

Where can we see some of your photos? (if online) Sometimes here on this blog and on my photo blog, A Pic Is Worth A Ton Of Words.
Happy "Shooting", all!


Tracy said...

Oh I want a digital camera with a zoom lens! Enjoyed reading your answers. :)

Frances said...

Hey I followed you over to Tina's Tuesdays!
You're good - you got your Wordless Wednesday up already!
Waving at you from NYC,