Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thanks, Kwizgiver!

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My ex is still: non-exsisent.
Im listening to: the clothes dry in the dryer.
Maybe i should: get up off my duff and DO something.
I love: my Hubby.
My bestfriends: ROCK!
I dont understand: why we're all not happy with what we have.
I lost respect for: my city's mayor.
The meaning of my screename is: my nicknames combined.
Love is: never having to say you're sorry. Yeah right!
Somewhere someone is: feeling unloved and alone.
I will always: enjoy Dr. Pepper to much.
Forever seems like: a long, long time.
I never ever want to lose: my sight.
Your mobile phone is: a pay-as-you-go.
When i wake up im the morning: I'm so glad to be alive!
I get annoyed at: self-centered people.
Parties are: fun with the right folks around.
My pet: is my baby.
Kisses are: AWESOME!
Today I: am packing for our weekend get-away.
I really want: to have a baby!
I live: an hour from my childhood home.
I work: as a stay-at-home wife.
I think: I'm more confidant with my body than I've ever been.
I smell: like sweepea and violets.
I listen: to music while driving.
I see: every moment of life as a gift.
I sing: as little as possible.
I can: grow almost anything.
I daydream: about my hubby and I.
I fall: frequently.
I want: to be a mother.
I cry: at least twice a week.
I love: my loved ones with all my heart.
I sometimes: wonder if I'm worthy enough of all I have.
I fear: losing a loved one to death.
I hope: I become pregnant soon.
I eat: more than I should!
I drink: caffine only rarely.
I miss: my friend, Forrest,
I forgive: but I am unable to forget.
I drive: slower than most people want me to.
I dream: big and am usually not disappointed.
I kiss: my Hubby several times a day!
I hug: him, too!
I have: been blessed throughout my wonderful life.
I remember: to blow out candles, usually.
I don't: want to be unloved or unliked.
I believe: in Santa Claus, or he won't visit!
I know: I am blessed and that God gives us all we have.
I hate: Satan and all the "negatives" in the world.



Beckie said...

That was a good meme, JennieBoo. I hope your dreams and wishes about the baby are realized soon.

Kwizgiver said...

Interesting answers!!!

Special K ~Toni said...

Wow! That was long one!

I cry: at least twice a week~ why? Is that good or bad?

Debs said...

*hugs* I hope you get a baby soon.