Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tuesday Twosome is late this week because I just checked and the meme has finally been updated.

Sorry for the delay.

Surprise someone or be surprised? Explain: Surprise someone. I honestly enjoy making others happy, IF surprises are their thing. Seeing a happy face on someone is AWESOME!

Cheat or be cheated on? Explain: Either one is horrible! I choose neither because either one would make me a sniffling, crying mess. PERIOD!

Cook or be cooked for? Explain: I enjoy cooking. I may not do it well, but I like attempting. However, an occasional break is ALWAYS appreciated! Plus, "The Hubby" is a great cook!

Cry or cause someone to cry? Explain: Cry, definitely. I do so twice a week, or so, regardless. A "happy cry" I don't mind. A "sad cry", AWFUL!

Flirt or be flirted with? Explain:
Well, to be honest, I enjoy both. When I flirt with or get flirted with, by "The Hubby", it makes me happy. Other men, flirting with me makes me nervous and uneasy.


Just Expressing Myself said...

You two sure are lovebirds.
It's nice.