Monday, August 13, 2007

Friday Night Fright!

Okay, so here's the story

Friday night, my sissy, Candice got tickets to our local Minor League Baseball Team's game (The Montgomery Biscuits). It was the first baseball game I've ever been to (besides the ones I attended while in school). We went to Chris' hotdogs for dinner. Chris' has been in business in Montgomery for NINETY years! 90! They opened in 1917 and have been a family-owned business for 90 years. 90 90 90! (I just think that is soooooooooo cool!)
Here are some pics of Chris' retro interior:

After stuffing our faces at Chris' we made our way to the Riverwalk Stadium. It is very neat because it's located in Montgomery's historic Train Station.

Right when we arrived at the stadium, it began raining so we ducked into the "biscuit basket" (a gift shop). The rain cooled us down from 95 to 89 degrees. WhoooHooo!

I purchased some fans with bottles attached from Wal-Mart. We filled these with water. After spritzing oneself, the fan allows quick cool downs. Very nice.

After the drizzle stopped, Steve-O went to grab a hot dog (he didn't eat with us @ Chris') and Gea-Mom, Bob, Candice and I found our seats. "The Hubby" grabbed my camera and shot some pics. Here are a few of them:
Here our the three couples that make up our family. By this time, we were pouring sweat but we still looked fabulous! Candice & Steven, Mike & Jen, Bob & Gea-Mom:

We were all watching the game and sweating profusely. Mike snapped some pics of the players, we drank lemonade and cooled off with our water-fans!

Then, one of the right-handed hitters from the Biscuits hit a fly ball. It popped up in the air and started coming down towards us. I got antsy and kept watching the ball. It came closer and closer. I just knew it was going to pop down in our section.
It did.
Right into my father's lower lip! After hanging his head for a second, he looked up and said, "I gotta ball!" Everyone in the stadium cheered and clapped. My poor Daddy had a popped lip and a Biscuits ball.

I, of course, had a fit! Bob (my Daddy) was such a sport! We covered him with ice and prayed it wouldn't be worse than it was. No broken teeth, no broken jaw and best of all, no blood! It was a miracle!
Bob and Gea-Mom managed to get the ball in question signed by the player who had popped it. Mike bought Bob a display case for the autographed ball from $@&*.
The biscuits won their game 12-10 and we were amazed at the firework display that followed the game.
Except for the incident with the burst lip, we all had a wonderful time.
So let's recap. Tight pants (baseball players) outrageous heat (95 degrees) ice (on my Daddy's lip).
P.S. I saw Bob today and you can barely tell he was injured from the outside of his lip. Inside his mouth, however, is awful! God bless him and thank God he wasn't hurt more than he was! Maybe our next game will be less painful...ouch!


qualcosa di bello said...

o my gosh, jennie, what a night!!! i hope dad is doing ok.

Laane said...

That guy had better signed his lip. Auch!!

Thanks for sharing all the photo's.
It gives a bit of insight how it is.

Special K ~Toni said...

Glad your dad is ok! Baseball is my favorite!