Friday, August 31, 2007

Four for Friday ~ 8/31/07~

WARNING: JennieBoo on her soapbox. Read at your own risk! I do not mean to step on toes, but I'm answering these questions honestly!
Q1 - Underwear: Pull up your pants or else! That's the sentiment behind efforts in cities across the U.S. to ban droopy trousers that reveal men's boxer shorts, and baggy sweats that reveal a women's thong. In just the last seven days alone, city councils in Shreveport and Alexandria, Louisiana, and Atlanta, Georgia, have taken up measures in favor of banning fanny-flaunting pants. Do you think it's okay for cities and towns to legislate apparel? I feel that people should have enough self-respect AND respect for others by not forcing their underwear in someone else's face. It's true, we live in America and self-expression is one of our "rights". The government should not have the right to enforce "dress codes". Before long, however, people will totally forego outer clothing and will walk around, in public, in their UNDERwear. It's underwear, PEOPLE! It should be worn UNDER clothing. Not under clothing to large so that it can be seen! Since when has "fashion" allowed "unmentionables" to be displayed under too-large clothing? Just wear your underwear only and save water by not washing the outer garment!

Q2 - Compensation: Richard Jewell--the contract security guard who was falsely accused of planting a bomb at the 1996 Summer Olympics, and who despite never being charged with any crime underwent what was considered by many to be a "trial by media" that took a great toll on his personal and professional life--died earlier this week of what appear to be natural causes. Nearly 10 years after his ordeal, in April of 2005, Jewell was completely exonerated when Eric Rudolph pleaded guilty to carrying out the bombing attack at Centennial Olympic Park, as well as three other attacks across the southeast portion of the United States. Considering Jewell's situation, do you feel people who have falsely been accused of major crimes should be entitled to compensatory reparations, or is having to deal with such situations simply the cost we must pay in order to live in a society that affords us with so many freedoms? Yes, I believe someone who is unjustly accused of a crime to the point where their lives are disrupted SHOULD be compensated. The media basically publicly made this man's (AND his family's) life hell. With all he's had to endure, compensation SHOULD be paid. The media would then be more careful when publicly finding a suspect "guilty"!

Q3 - Make Room: What particular item of food, regardless of how stuffed you may be, can you always find room for? I would have to say dark chocolate. It's good regardless!

Q4 - I Insist: Growing up, I had a neighbor who was rumored to wear a brand new dress shirt each and every time he went to work. Never would he wear the same dress shirt twice. What is one thing that you are absolutely particular about? That had to cost a fortune! Anyway, I always wash my towels after drying off. I know I'm clean because I just washed, but it's a "thing "I have. "The Hubby" on the other hand, uses his towels several times.


Bri said...

We are agreed all the underwear, the compensation - but I'm of a mind to use a towel a few times, unless I mop of a wet floor or something icky like that. That's just not cool - it must be washed.

What annoys me about towels though is this: if they're wet, you have to hang them up so that they don't sour the rest of the laundry. I only do laundry about once a week - so I never dare to leave a towel in with the other clothes if it's not dry. Sigh...someone should invent self drying towels.

Have a great weekend!

Delphine said...

I was exactly the same way with the towels. I would use a towel only once and only buy white towels so I could use clorox to be sure it was sanitized! I really enjoy a nice clean/crisp towel.

All that is done with, I have too much laundry as is!!

Kayelyn said...

Q4- That is just like me. I don't why either, It's just a thing I have, too!

qualcosa di bello said...

AMEN sister to that UNDERwear thing!!! i really, really don't want to see them.