Thursday, August 16, 2007

1. Would you consider yourself observant when it comes to people and their behavior? How so/how not? Yes. I would never be accurate enough to stand trial, but I believe I'm pretty observant. Especially if the behavior/person is unusual or different from what I'm accustomed to.

2. What about when it comes to conflict with people? Can you tell by the way they are acting how to treat them to calm them down, make the situation better, etc? Do you have a 'sense' about these things at all? My conflict management sucks. I always try to do to folks what I'd like done when I get upset. Give them space, offer help if needed and try to diffuse the situation. I am not always entirely successful, however.

3. Do you observe the world today as you did say, 10 years ago? How so/how not? I believe I view it differently. 10 years ago, I was 18 years old. The world looked so ready for the taking. Now days, I'm more mature and realize our world needs our help and love, not our wanton desire to control and harness it.


Jenn in Holland said...

I love the way you did the date on this post! So clever.

I am the same way when it comes to conflict management. I am not so great at it, I tend to either ignore it so it will diffuse or I get too involved and escalate the whole thing. Ugh.