Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Thirtten Random Facts About Me (yeah, pretend you care)

1. I am deathly afraid of cockroaches. They're of the devil, I'm convinced!

2. I've never read Harry Potter. Does that make me a freak?

3. I married my first love. And he still is and always will be!

4. I enjoy having pedicures/manicures. Who doesn't?

5. I like to eat wasabi plain. Clears my sinuses right up!

6. I listen to D E V O. Thanks, Mike!

7. Mozarella is my favorite cheese. Bring on the pizza!

8. I have an attraction to vampires. I don't like the biting thing, but they're so dern sexy! (ESPECIALLY Gary Oldman...yum!)

9. I like to read "trashy" magazines. Who doesn't have this little "guilty pleasure"?

10. I enjoy baking. I'm not good at it, but I try.

11. I watched HOUSE for the first time, last night. It was pretty good!

12. I have a crush on Domanic Montagan. "Merry" from LOTR. I really liked him as "Charlie" on LOST, too!

13. My favorite thing to drink is Dr. Pepper. DUH!

Hope you "enjoyed" my 13 today. Happy Thursday!


impworks said...

I've never read Harry Potter either. So if your a freak so am I.

Comedy + said...

With you on #1, I haven't read Harry Potter either and won't ever read it. I love having pedicures and a fill every two weeks. Wasabi straight? My hat is off to you. Love baked goods, but can't bake very well. My husband can though. Have a great TT. :)

Dewey said...

If you were as afraid as cockroaches as I am of spiders, there's no way you could possibly post that photo! Or maybe you're just better at separating real from not real than I am. ;)

Thanks for those pictures of Dominic and Hugh!

Eric said...

I'm with you on wasabi! Yum, it's some perverse pleasure. And it does clear up the sinuses.

I've not read Harry Potter either and probably won't.

I hate cockroaches.

I've never had a pedicure or manicure.

And I love my wife's baking.

Good TT!

pussreboots said...

We have many things in common. Happy TT.

The Crux said...

No, you're not a freak (unless I'm one too). I haven't yet read any of the Potter series, either.

Lynda Walldez said...

Ha ha ha, I just had to laugh at the cockroach part: they are of the devil. LOL. Nice one. And hooray for Dr. Pepper!!! Cheers Jennie. :)

Lara Angelina said...

Happy TT!
Amazing that I found another person who hasn't read any of the Harry Potter books! I thought I was the only one!
And as for vampires, Gary was great, but my first vote is for Frank Langella!

Special K ~Toni said...

Hate roaches, NEVER read a HP book- don't ever plan on it either! Got my nails done and a pedicure today (when the hubs is deployed- I pay people to 'touch' me!)

wasabi- you're nuts! Love house- I think he is sexy- limp and all!

Irreverent, Barefoot Ragamuffins said...

I love House (and Lost, but House more)! Great list.

Please visit my TT this week. Its 13 prizes (and more) that you can win in a contest that benefits a very special little boy named Parker.

Happy TT!

Joely Sue Burkhart said...

I love vampires; I have a foot phobia and so hate pedicures! And I've only read the first HP. Happy TT!

Anonymous said...

No Harry Potter here either.

But I'll surely make a lunch date with you and go get manicures! It's been TOO long for me!
happy TT!

Crimson Wife said...

Your picture for #1 gave me the willies, ugh!

Malcolm: said...

My ex-girlfriend is a big Harry Potter fan, so I tried reading the 1st one. I got distracted and didn't make it past the 1st few chapters. Maybe someday I'll read who am I kidding?

Kayelyn and clan said...

Amen to #1, as for H.P. who needs to read them? my hubby and kids do. I watch the movies and they fill me in. #4- oh the joy of it. I have to try to stay awake- it's so relaxing.

Wasabi? Hmmm, am i missing something.

I remember DEVO- Whip it good- yeah good stuff.

I read trashy magazines in the checkout line. Isn't that why they put them there? To keep busy mom's from complaining about the wait!

Qtpies7 said...

I hate cockroaches, too, but spiders are far worse for me. I don't and won't read Harry Potter!

aithne said...

OH!!! That roach picture killed me! I encountered something just about that size at my nephew's graduation a few weeks back. I hate them too!

I am enjoying my visit here!

Thanks for visiting me.

Karina said...

Jennie, no wonder I like you so much, we have lots in common...

LOVE wasabi...have you ever tried wasabi covered peanuts? They're my favorite!

Mozzarella is my favorite cheese too.

I have a passion for all things vampire. (I blame Buffy).

Until I started focusing more on my own blog, I had an addiction to celebrity gossip blogs (pretty much trashy magazines without the paper)

I think Dominic Monahan is a cutie too!

Great TT!!

pjd said...

wasabi plain? whoo. even I don't go there. though I do love a LOT of wasabi in my soy sauce...

modelbehavior said...

Harry Potter = Overrated.

You like vampires?

That's sexy!

Terra said...

I got a kick out of this one! I am with you on the roaches... EWWWW
I don't even know what wasabi is! Nor have I heard of DEVO... However, House and Vampires are my things (most of the time!)

Joy T. said...

I haven't read Harry Potter either. And have no desire to. I have gel nails so manicures are out for me but I'm with you on the pedicures...every month it's a luxury I look forward to! Oh and I agree on Gary Oldman...Yummers!

Lisa Andel said...

Uh, I've never read the Harry Potter books either.

I could have done without the really big picture of the roach.

And Coke is the beverage of the Gods. :D