Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #101

This week, I'm listing 13 things I remember from the 80's. (I was 2-11 in the 80's, so my stuff is kid-related!)

1. Rainbow Brite

2. The Goonies

3. Fruit Roll-Ups

4. Neon Shoelaces

5. Cyndi Lauper

6. Sesame Street

7. Care Bears

8. Cabbage Patch Kids

9. MAD Magazine

10. Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

11. Slip -N-Slide (that's not me in the pic, btw!)

12. E. T.

13. Smurfs

Hope you enjoyed my stroll down memory lane! Happy Thursday!


Debs said...

How Smurfy! I forgot all about Rainbow Brite this was just too cool!

Melanie said...

We must be about the same age. Those are all the same things I remember from the 80s!

lissa said...

Rainbow Brite - I remember her - I think I used have coloring books and maybe even a doll

The goonies - I think I miss seeing that movie - only saw it on tv after a couple of years after it was released

Fruit roll-ups - tried it but it was just too sweet

Neon Shoelaces - I don't think I have those - do they glow in the dark?

Cyndi Lauper - I love her - used to listen to her music on cassettes - still listens to her music

Seasame street -never actually watch it that much

Care Bears - I think I use to watch their cartoons

Cabbage Patch kids - never had one - but saw the comercials - and what about those strange Cabbage Patch cards with drawings of them doing odd things - I think it was the same name -not sure

Mad magazine - read a couple issues and forgotten about them

Mr. Roger's - only saw a couple of minutes of this show - he seem like such a gentleman

Slip-n-slide - saw the commerical but no one in my neighborhood had one

ET - saw the movie and thought it was great - saw again a few years ago and thought it was kind of boring - I guess when you're a child everything's more fascinating.

Smurfs - I used to watch the cartoons - I really like watching them

Thanks for sharing!

pussreboots said...

You're about my brother's age then so I remember all of the things on your list. Happy TT.

Karina said...

OOOH...Rainbow Brite and Care Bears, two of my favorites! This sure was a trip down memory lane! Thanks!!!

Joy T. said...

I LOVE Cyndi Lauper!! Still listen to her to this day :o) Great list Jennie!

Frances said...

My daughter was 1-7 in the 80's and had about a bazillion My Little Ponies and a Rainbow Brite of course.
Such a blast from the past.
Sending blog love your way,