Saturday, July 07, 2007


I'm still feeling down today. I'm unsure why. I hope it won't affect our family get-together today. (It will probably get better when I'm around them...let's hope!)
Mike snapped this pic of me. I feel exactly how I look. Crappy. (Although, I do like my messy hair...)


Debs said...

Smile, at least you have great hair! :)

sognatrice said...

No! No! The Boo can't be blue for two days running! Many happy thoughts coming your way from southern Italy!

P.S. I posted a cute photo of Luna if there are any other kind...maybe that'll help?

cindy said...

Girly, I know how you feel. I was up until 3am unable to sleep (blogged about it on my myspace). I heart you very much. Have a wondermous day!!!

JennieBoo said...

Thank you so much, ladies. Knowing there are friends out there that care about me, really makes it better.

Love you guys!

Toni said...

No, no missy! Turn that frown upside down! (say it in a sing song voice!)

Hope you are non-blue now! :)

pussreboots said...

Hanging out with family can be stressful. ((Hugs))