Thursday, July 12, 2007

3 x Thursday

July 12, 2007
3x Thursday: 07/12/y2k+7:
How We Treat Others

1. Do you treat people you're extremely close to (S.O's, ex's, best friends, family, etc) the same as you would regular friends and people off the street? How so/how not?
In a way. I try to treat everyone with kindness and empathy. I do "goof off" and play with my loved ones differently than I do strangers. I guess because I'm more "comfortable" with them. They know my many "quirks" better than strangers.

2. What is it about knowing someone fairly well, or very well even, that seems to give us a license to say and do whatever we want/think/feel sometimes? Do you think it's right? Why do you think we do things like that? I believe we treat those we're closest to anyway we want. In our own minds, they'll always be there and will love and accept us, despite our shortcomings. I believe it's wrong to take someone I love for granted, but I'm guilty of it. I believe most of us are.

3. Do you tolerate being treated a certain way by someone (good or bad)? How so/how not? Why/why not? "The Hubby" my family (parents, sister, in-laws, etc.) and my bff (Monica) have always gone above and beyond the call to make me feel special, loved and smart/beautiful. They're always quick to apologize, on the rare occasion that they're not "okay". They always understand when I'm "snippy" and accept my sorry's. I love them all and they love me, warts and all! God has blessed me by being surrounded by love and acceptance. I'm so grateful for my loved ones.


SusieJ said...

Very thoughtful. Thinking about these as I move through my day.

Melanie said...

Great answers. I know for me, I am sometimes nicer to those I am not close to. When I let my guard down and show the real me, sometimes I can be a little nasty. Something I will work on!!

Debs said...

Great answers.

Thank you for wishing Thing 1 a happy birthday. :)