Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Me and My Muggar

Friday, September 22, my mother's brother (whom I can't call "uncle", or he'll hit me...) spent the day with me. (Please Note: The picture above is from Christmas Eve 2005)

His nickname is Muggar and he's my mother's baby brother. He isn't a baby, now, though.

Anyway, he came and got me on Friday @ about 9:45. He said he really liked the Casa Bowen (I do too!)

We then drove to Deatsville, AL, to purchase 2 12ft. livestock gates for his goats. We could find the truck all day in whatever parking lot we were in due to those huge gates!

We then had lunch at the Olive Garden (a perennial favorite for Jen). Muggar had Chicken Parmasania and I had Penne with sun dried tomato & smoked parmesan cheese sauce. We smelled like two garlic bulbs, so we had no fear of vampires!

We walked around Home Depot and checked out the prices of livestock wire.

After that, we went to Wal-Mart and Muggar purchased some yum-yums (His word for foodage).

We stopped by Sam's Wholesale Club and Muggar purchased a membership. He also got me enough grapefruit juice to last 6 months.

It was a great time and I REALLY enjoyed it. I never see Muggar as much as I'd like, but I ALWAYS enjoy it when I do!