Monday, August 21, 2006

Ms. Farah

I never REALLY knew how unstable Farah Fawcett was.

Mike and I saw her last night on "The Comedy Central Roast of William Shatner".

She was up on-stage with her bra strap hanging out, looking around blankly and fidgeting the entire time.

When it was her turn to "roast" Mr. Shatner, she fumbled her lines so badly, I STILL don't understand what she said.
She told Jason Alexander she can't "be mean to anyone on purpose". Is that because, like I hope, she really cares about hurting feelings or is it because she's unable read or understand the tele-prompter? <-- This is what I really believe.

It's such a shame. I mean, I know she was never an emmy-winning actress, but she's like an eccentric relative you feel sorry for. It's almost like she's trying , but it's not quite coming through.

I feel sorry for her and hope someone is around to care for her. Bless her heart.