Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Friendship Day

Sunday, August 6, was Friendship day.

I sent Cindy a framed photo of she and I and a Plush bendable Blue daisy. And of course a card telling her how much I miss and love her. She emailed me yesterday and said she got it. I hope it brightened her day. :)

Mike and I went and saw Monica and Brian for about 30 minutes Sunday afternoon. I tried to stay back so they wouldn't catch my virus! That wouldn't have been nice.

I gave Mony a card, a framed photo and a Margarita mix with two decorative umbrellas. She seemed to really like it. Yay!

She gave me some tangerine soap and a beautiful silver anklet. (Please see photo)The anklet "ding-dings" because it has little bells on it. I love it, and so does Mike!

It was a nice friendship Day. I'm sure I would've enjoyed it more, if I hadn't been sick. :(