Monday, July 24, 2006


Hidy-ho Everybody!

Well, some "steamy" news. (betcha can't wait!)

Saturday afternoon, our air conditioner went out. No a/c in the middle of July.....Yay for us!

Mike flipped breakers, checked the blower and watched the unit outside. He seems to think the blower has "given up the ghost". We called Mr. Warren, Steven's Daddy, last night. Bob and Steven both suggested his help. When Mike called, he told Mike his bosses won't let him "check stuff out on the side". Bummer for us. Now we're gonna have to pray whoever comes out to look at it won't "give us the shaft".

We just got some money from Mike's severance package from Winn Dixie. (Saturday morning) We were going to use the money to pay off the credit cards. NOW we have to use it for a new a/c? It seems like when we start getting ahead, we get knocked back down..... :(

Anyway, remember us, you guys. Pray we don't have a heat stroke! (Especially Cleo-Baby. I know she's suffering with all that fur!)

At least it's only going to be 88 degrees today. Last week it was in the triple digits!

It's still HOT!!!!!!!!!!