Saturday, June 03, 2006

Sad news

I received several bits of bad news this week.

The reason I haven't posted is because my grandfather (PawPaw) had a stroke Tuesday night. I have been at the hospital everyday.

Around 8:00 pm, Tuesday evening, my parents got a phone call from my cousin. He said my PawPaw wasn't responding.

When they got there, he was in his wheelchair. His right side had been affected. He could not move his arm or leg. He wasn't talking or responding to anything.

Bob, my uncle Muggar & Alex loaded Paw Paw in a truck. Grandmoma, Bob & Gea-Mom rushed him to Veterans Hospital here in Montgomery. ( They live in Highland Home)

He was admitted to the hospital for tests and observation. Everybody loaded up and went home for some rest, around 3:30 am.

Wednesday, Bob called and me, around 9:00 am, and told me the bad news. We all went to see PawPaw around 10:00. Grandmoma, Aunt Cat, Uncle Muggar(just Muggar, please), Bob, Gea-Mom, Mike & myself. It was so hard to see PawPaw laying in a hospital bed. I went into the bathroom and sobbed.

After we got back from lunch, the doctor told us that PawPaw had had a minor stroke, but that, after time and therapy, he should be some better. Thank God!!!!!!! His talking has been affected, as well as his right arm & hand. He should be released to go home on Monday or Tuesday.

He gets frustrated easily, just like me, when "the words just won't come out right". He also sleeps alot (just like I did when I had my stroke).

He is now feeding himself, trying to talk and laughing at us when we pick on him. He's not quite his old self, but he's getting there.

Today, we're taking him some baby ruth candy bars, peanut brittle and I want to get him some coffee flavored candy. (He LOVES coffee!)

Thank God, I believe he'll be okay. Man, what a scare!

The other bit of bad news I received Tuesday afternoon around 3:00 pm. My sister called and told me.

My high school history teacher, as well as a fellow classmate's father, had a fatal heartattack that morning around lunchtime.

His name was Ronnie McVay. He was a football, softball and basketball coach for high school at Highland Home. He also taught highschool social studies. He had taught at Highland for 26 years. He taught my Aunt Cat, Muggar, myself, my sister, Steven, Michael and everyone in Highland Home aged 40 or younger. He was a community pillar in our town.

I graduated highschool with his youngest daughter, Amanda. My mother graduated with his younger sister, Wanda and his wife, Susan.

Bob & Gea-Mom went to his wake in Luverne. They stood in line to see him from 6:00 to 8:00. Gea-Mom said that visitors were lined up outside well down the street. We forewent the funeral because there was no where to park and I cannot be subjected to heat (I faint when I get to hot).

It was a complete and utter shock. Mr. McVay was only 55 years old. My parents are only 50! It really hit close to home.

I have been in prayer for his family's well-being, along with half the state of Alabama. It was such a shock and waste.

Please, dear reader, ALWAYS tell your family you love them and daily be in prayer for them. We are not guaranteed tomorrow and bad things can sneak up on you quickly. We are never prepared for things like this, but with Our Father's help, we can cope as well as can be expected.

Man, I hope next week won't be filled to the brim with drama. I don't think I can take it!