Monday, June 19, 2006

PawPaw's Father's Day

After lunch with Candice & Steven, Mike, Gea-Mom, Bob & I went to Tuskegee to see PawPaw at Veteran's Hospital.

He was transferred there Thursday before last for Rehab from the damage he received from his stroke, just like me!

When we got there, Muggar, Aunt Cat and Grandmomma were there. They brought him a Wendy's hamburger, which the man adores! Yay!

He received for Father's Day, from what I could tell & from us: some boiled peanuts (which Mike shelled for him into a bowl), a box of chocolate moon pies, a light with a magnifying glass attached to a heavy base (Gea-Mom & Bob), dried apricots, butterscotch candies, a matchbox diesel, a back scratcher/massager, a plastic storage case for his dentures (me & Mike) and some Father's Day cards. If he got more, I'm dumb and couldn't tell.

He was very tired and tried to be jovial, but I think we wore him out. By the time we left, he was nodding off.

Oh! I almost forgot, Aunt Cat gave him a ribbon with "Great Effort Award" on it. We hung it beside his bed on the bulletin board.

The therapists told Gea-Mom Tuesday that he'll probably be in the hospital for 3-4 more weeks (also, just like me).

Bless his heart, I know EXACTLY how he feels.