Friday, June 30, 2006

My Daily Rant

Ok, so you know I'm not much for celebrity gossip. I have enough drama in my own life. I read a little, but I'm not ravenous about it.

That's why I got so frustrated when I was searching for a cheesecake recipe and the above picture popped up while I was on

I could care less. I'm sick of Tom & Katie, Brad & Angelina, Britney & Kevin & the endless TONS of other celebrities. Why can't they live their own lives "peacefully "and without being mauled by money-hungry paparazzi? I don't see people running after me when I get a Strawberry Slush at Sonic (And thank God I don't!)

Get a life people! If we, as the lowly common man, stop foaming at the mouth for these "celebrities", we wouldn't be attacked by their pictures at every angle.

As for the above pic, it's Denise Richards, in a horrible "clown" make-up job. Why do the paparazzi always try to get the ugliest photo possible and then PUBLISH it?