Monday, May 08, 2006

M:I:III A "Bomb"?

I'm not one to gloat in another's "misfortune"<giggle> but M:I:III didn't do "as well as expected". Yay! (Sorry, I couldn't control my evil personality...)

Could it be because we are being subjected to Mr. Cruise from ALL angles? (movies, internet, t.v., magazines, radio) As I heard on Fox News last night, why pay to see him when he and "his captor Katie" are EVERYWHERE! (There was also an anchor who said his wife refuses to see a Cruise joint at all. YES!!! United together, maybe we can show Tom that he, nor L. Ron Hubbard for that matter, isn't God.)

If you are at all interested, here's the link to Yahoo!Movies. It outlines the the poor showing of M:I:III (Poor Showing=Millions of dollars.....what about the people STARVING in other countries? We can't help feed them, but we can fork over $10 for a movie ticket...WHAT UP WIT' DAT?);_ylt=ApLJF.80X4N.GqesEve6DZxfVXcA

Anyway, have a good day and TRY not to be bombarded by Crazy-Cruisey. (However, as we all know, resistance to His Majesty is futile.)

Am I turning into a "bash Mr. Cruise" blog? Oh, could be worse.