Friday, April 07, 2006

The Greatest Show on Earth!

Last night, Mike, Bob, Gea-Mom, Candice and I went to the circus at Garrett Coliseum. (Steve-o was working on a term paper.) Apparently, they moved the artificial turf (from the Maulers games) and set up the one-ring affair.(According to Mikey)

Unfortunately, we sat in the "dog pound". We were far away, but at least we were able to go! *Note: If you're going and want good seats, spring for the $28.00 seats. I'm poor and can't afford that.*

There were Arabian horses, elephants, doggies and trapezee artists. Clowns, tight-rope walkers, the lady on the spinny sash-thing, and contortionists. Screaming ringmasters, teeter-tollerers and Disney-style music numbers. Big Funage!!

gee-Mom, unfortunately, was kicked in the back of the head by hyper-active, red-headed little boy. (Amist heat and somebody with serious BO. USE DEODORANT, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! I'll even buy it for you!)

Despite a little aggrevation, I believe everyone had a great time. Bob and Mike especially. I took lotsa pics and will post them after they're developed.

Yay for the circus!!!!!!!!!